Futurist Objects 2020

Futurism of the early 20th century revisited by students of ARCH448.

There is no reason why every activity must of necessity be confined to one or other of those ridiculous limitations which we call music, literature, painting, etc.

Bruno Corradini and Emilio Settimelli, The Futurist Moment

Blank City by Zeynep Eda Gönen

“Blank City” is a two-dimensional, flat place. It is a dynamic city which forms and changes itself according to its users. The flat area can be cut, folded, and expanded; if a three-dimensional space is wanted and needed to be created. An already existing space can “get up” from its place and move around the city, and then it can “sit” in an empty area. And, after all the creations and changes of the spaces, they can all disappear into the void; and again leave a “blank city” for the future. 

Fall/Winter 1920 Futurist Collection by Hilal Polat

A futurist fashion proposal, supposed to be launched in 1920, is represented in this video with experimental montage techniques. Trying to grab futurism in multiple layers, both in terms of fashion proposal and montage techniques, the aim was to achieve a look from the 1920s by being in the shoes of Marinetti and his contemporaries. Inspired by dynamism, kinetic notion, aggressiveness, fearlessness, and mechanical simplicity emphasis of the Futurist Manifesto, Futurist Collection is now available in this exhibition.

Kaleidoscope by Yaz Ertürk

Eyes of the viewer are fixed while the object moves as it gives the movement of a machine in the progressive futurist world. The dilemma of destructing the old and create something new wanted to be criticized with the helical patterns by showing how the old patterns being transformed while creating a new one. The possibility of the utopian understanding of breaking from the past wanted to be expressed by the new patterns where the old ones are hidden in the new forms.The video emphasizes the continuity rather than the rupture.

Erroria by İzgesu Güven

In the LIGHT of past-loathing, antagonist steps of futurism, I defy their fascist revolutionary ideology with their own language since it is their voice that said: “We affirm that the world’s magnificence has been enriched by a new beauty; the beauty of speed”. In terms of my contra-stance on futurism, Olson’s statement “One perception must immediately and directly lead to a further perception… get on with it, keep moving, keep in, speed…” will be intertwined with the former declaration. 

Rasion d’être -as new as our frame of mind is new- not subject to any law of historical continuity

I suggest a brave new world called Error in which human error, compromise, confusion and surprise will construct the future perceptions.

Improv on Watercolor by Begüm Şener

Futurists believe that the old should be changed with the new. Traditional rules should be destroyed. Improvisational and instant art is more valuable than art that has a long process. Besides the art objects, the process also important for them. They refuse the past and celebrate the new age. This video is the celebration of the new era. The change in time is the representation of the futurist approach. The first painting represents the past culture, there is a beautiful landscape painting with blue, green, orange, and purple colors. Whereas the second painting represents the new culture with black, red, and yellow colors. The black paint covers the whole past and now there is a potential to create a new future, and randomly and unexpectedly created curved lines will be the dynamism of the future.

Collage by Ceren Şahin

The visual collage is aimed to convey the perceptional demonstration of an ordinary day by the use of daily elements through a futuristic eye. Mechanization, dynamism, destruction of the familiarity and of an order, and violent glorifying attitude are depicted in the most intimate environment -home- and by the household creating tension as a result of these incompatible concepts. More than just a declaration of the stress, it is a statement that the understanding of the existing knowledge and common experience is neither limited nor defined irrevocably and can always be perceived and applied in a new way.

The elements I used are: kettle, minibus and car, window, washing machine, cell phone flash, ladle, human eye, cleaning towel, water, chocolate powder, plastic ball.

Performing Painting by Recep Selim Yarbaşı

This painting belongs to a friend of mine who drew a nature panorama, and while I was transforming it, I tried to perform a futurist strategy so not the painting, but the performance became the object. The performance consisted of destruction, dynamism and disrespecting the existing painting like the futurist movement. The attitude and the ideas behind the painting are described more in the video.

Futurist City by Özlem Karaeminoğulları

According to the Manifesto del Futurismo written by Marinetti, modern architecture is just a shell for covering the modern skeleton of the building, and cities have to change to fulfill the needs of the new-industrialized society. The thing called modern should be demolished, and new towns should be implemented with unique characteristics such as color, speed, and mobility. So in this video, you can see my understanding and design of a city in the eyes of a 20th-century futurist architect.

Machine Recording by Büşra Aşçı

This short recording breaks down the traditional musical instruments and the ongoing rhythm perception; this new musical experience destroys the traditional music understanding and celebrates this dynamic sound produced by the machines. All the sounds that create this music are made up of mechanical rhythms produced by machines that we do not identify with music. In this record, machines are creating distractive and dynamic music.

Futurist Motif by Omar Ekhwan

A curve that becomes a shape, and repeats itself in different scales, angels, and positions provides a simple, clear, permeable cluster when it overlaps and intersects with the other shapes to become a futurist motif at the end.

Waterbox by Gül Kılınçkaya

Water bottles produced with 3D printers are based on speed in production. Since it is foldable, it is practical to use and takes less space. Functionality is more important than the visual. The geometric shapes and materials used are futurist.

Sleeping Pod by Safiye Bilge Doğan

The Sleeping Pod is a new and unconventional way to wake up and to be lively all day long. With its almost blinding lights, people will not fall back asleep right after they wake up since the lights would not turn off unless they physically leave their beds.

Edible Plates by Berfe Naz Haşemoğlu

The idea is coming from why the plates are not edible; furthermore, what happens if plates are edible? People are repeating the same routine that is a loop between eating and washing the dishes.This is an eating revolution enables people to not wash their dishes and lose their time.Finally people eat their plates too and do not wash their dishes anymore!

Knitting Machine by Fulya Furuncuoğlu

‘Knitting Machine’ is a futurist object which criticises the understanding of feminism and handicraft. It ridicules the speed of handwork in contrast to a knitting machine which is very fast in production. In order to reach to the pace of the machine sound, the hands should be also in that pace.

Flying Car by Nadine Yousif Ahmedeltayeb Elkor

In this object inspired by the futurist approach art works and projects I have assigned ideas related to the futurist approach such as motion, speed, flying as well as listening to society’s needs. The flying car attachment is affordable, fast and time efficient and it could be attached to regular cars. It is red, bright and shiny in a futuristic manner. 

Turning Sculpture by Derin Yiğit

Futurist artists sought out to show movement, speed, and change. And in order to do that they used fragmented and intersecting plane surfaces and outlines to show several simultaneous views of an object. They wanted to portray the movement of the objects which they created by including rhythmic repetitions of the object’s outlines during transit. An example for this could be the painting Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash by Giacomo Balla. In the sculpture I created, I also tried to portray this effect. As we go around the sculpture many pieces which forms the outline of the elements starts to appear. And since one line of the element is composed of several lines, it gives the same effect of repetition of the object’s outline and as a result gives the feeling of movement just like Balla’s painting. The sculpture I designed is composed of continuous intersecting planes so as we turn around the sculpture new elements are formed (The horse-riding man and two people fighting). With this method I tried to show the dynamism, movement, and change feeling of futurism. Moreover, Futurism is also about demolishing and change, and in this project as we turn around the elements, they keep demolishing and forming over and over again. So, by keeping all of these futurism concepts in mind, I formed the Turning Sculpture.

Kinetic Playgrounds by Yağmur Bulut

Futurist thinking; removing the boundaries of all types of medium in art and destructing the old traditional ways. They refused to find the roots of these new ideas within the monuments of the past, and they were autonomous from any previous cultural reference. What these visions have all in common is the search for a new language suitable for new typologies, in my case a new fun/learning ground for children. The futurists were seeking to revolutionize urban life. As I envisioned a complex metropolis full of porous and organic massed volumes, children got rid of their old conventional toys and play in spaces produced by assemblages of kinetic parts that adapt to different spatial conditions according to the empty spaces in-between or inside of buildings. Surfaces of this new environment allow exploring simultaneous sensations -as in futurist art- seeing and feeling. Streets become theatres and in this futurist microcosm, children are the performers of improvisation. Theatre stages transform into dynamic, flexible, custom and kinetic playgrounds attached to buildings that fills the urban tissue. 

Inspired by Giacomo Balla’s (1871-1958) – 1924 Numbers in Love and Gino Severini’s – “Cannoni in azione (Guns in Action)”- 1915

Smart Wristband by  Furkan Türker

Although we are imagining our future cities which are liveable and technological, we are destroying our future with global pollution. Generating more dynamic, more ergonomic, and multifunctional lifestyles can be done without harming the world and our only future. As we live our daily routines, most of us are not aware that we are harming many living beings in the ecosystem. To get higher quality fabrics, the flora is pillaged. And worse, the chemicals we apply to clean these clothes, destroy our water beyond retrieve. Despite all these, designers can shape our future to offer new solutions. That’s why, I designed a new clothing object for our liveable, flexible, dynamic, and ergonomic lifestyle in the future. This new clothing object that I designed, is a nature-friendly bracelet that reproduces itself and surrounds the user’s body. At the moment this bracelet is worn, it can be transformed into any style of clothing which users want with the use of a smartphone. It turns into a specially designed outfit that fits on the user with the help of scanning technology which gets the body proportions of the user. In addition, the thickness and appearance of clothing objects are changeable directly at the moment when the weather changes which is usually expected to be in the future with climate change problems. Because of these form changes, that utility clothing object offers the users a dynamic and ergonomic lifestyle.

Arciterology by Eren Kaya

Humanity for the most part lives in cities which are surrounded and defined by towering landscapes. Namely, many cities develop inside the borders of mountains or cliffs. And maybe, as a result of this, we indirectly tend to develop our settlements in upwards direction perhaps in a passionate enthusiasm to compete with nature. However, do we have to compete with nature?  If the borders that inform our definitions of cities were degressive natural shapes, like canyons; then, would these upward approaches still be the general approaches?  As architects and planners, we never like struggling with sections. We would rather prefer to draw plans. Maybe that’s why we develop our cities towards the sky or we couldn’t see the potential of section drawings and that’s why we use plan drawings. But, probably, a city that is inspired by nature and provides another life on top of it could be a better option for our new industrial and dense world. A demure and quiet city which grows from the earth’s surface.

Futurist Mask Print by Beyza Uysal

The 1909 Italian futurism manifesto had an influence on not only architecture and art but fashion as well. And today, because of the COVID19 pandemic, masks have recently become fashion items in the western world. So, the “futurist mask print” was designed with the artistic concerns of the early 20th century futurist fashion on a 21st century fashion item, the mask. The designed print mimics the facial features in the simplest forms (the triangular nose part and the circular cheek side) with primary colors, in a way that a cubist and 20th century futurist art piece would.

The video showcases the mask in movement and in different angles which is parallel to the ideals of the futurist manifesto that highlights the concept of dynamism. 

The background music is La Guerra, Op. 32 by futurist composer Francesco Balilla Pratella.

An architectural experiment on Malevich’s no 58 with George Antheil Sonatina by Su Sezer

WARNING: This video may potentially trigger people with photosensitive epilepsy.

made by grey cardboard, photographed and photo manipulated
flow of spaces | various levels | object moving on rails 

…That oblique and elliptic lines are dynamic, and by their very nature possess an emotive power a thousand times stronger than perpendiculars and horizontals, and that no integral, dynamic architecture can exist that does not include these… 

Extract from manifest of futurist architecture

Umbrella 4.0 by Eser Delice

Imagine an umbrella that is by your side 24/7. Then, imagine a stylistic accessory that you can wear anywhere. Now merge those two ideas to obtain: Umbrella 4.0! This futurist umbrella can be attached to your arm, weighs no more than a bird’s feather, and protects more than a concrete shelter! Due to its own gravity field, you don’t have to actually carry it, it just flies alongside you. It only takes a tiny hand gestures to move it, open it and close it. With various color options, you may choose the best one that fits your outfit!  

Umbrella 4.0: Never get wet again, so long as you don’t want to!

Flashing by Zeynep Erişti

The flashing squares are exploring a new harmony and the dynamism with the flashing white squares on a black background. Squares are the most abstract tools to show a movement. Also, they are enriched solely by the innate beauty of their forms and simplicity. White squares rotate, change their positions, slow down or accelerate. This experimental work, which is inspired by the cinematographic techniques of Hans Richter, tries to achieve to be light, practical and new.

Music: The soundtrack of Die Neue Wohnung by Hans Richter 

Cat bed with the material of the Future: Y-tong by Gül Deniz Korkusuz

According to futurists of a century ago, an architecture that will rise on concrete and iron would be the architecture of the future. These future cities which were free from all kinds of decoration, ornament and pretensions, would be the manifestation of life of the modern human: fast and mobile. A hundred years after the futurists, these plain and fluid forms can be created with a new material other than the bulky and heavy concrete: YTONG – easy to handle, shaped by hand and quite light! Here is my experiment: crafting a futurist (also-mobile, fast and simple) bed for my cats! 

Long Exposure by Duygu Gören

This work is manifestation of movement and dynamism. There are successive movements even in the one second circumstance. By reference to idea of speed and dynamism of futurism, I expressed that dynamism as a visual narrative. This image is generated with juxtaposition of long exposure shots. I illustrated continuous motion as pointed out in the Futurist Manifesto that One perception must immediately and directly lead to a further perception. Also, the essence of the city is very essential for futurist idea. Therefore, I shot the view where the character in the image sees everyday from window and then I used this view with overlapping movements. I preferred digital media as a tool referring to technological development idea of futurism.

Photodynamism by Elif Kalender

I experimented with photodynamism by trying to add movement to a two dimensional representation technique. Essence of the photo is the theme “dance” and I wanted to catch it by juxtaposing different layers and playing with the opacity. Another motivation of the photo was “energy” so vibrant colors are used to enhance the dynamism of the photo. The new vibrant lifestyle that futurism demands is the aim of the overall composition.

Movie Poster by Sinan Yalçın

Imagination of a movie that represents the dynamic city life, developed high industry and new era of futurism. The black represents past which is stability. But the white represents the new faster life which is highly dynamic since it is pioneered by industry and technology. The faster life is emphasized by white waves. The black -old, traditional life- goes to ruin in the white. The new life is the imposed bright future.

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